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So, I have $25 in iTunes (not as much as I’d hoped) but I am finally starting sequels/ specials and I don’t know where to start! Help!!!!

voltageaddict I don’t know what you’ve already read/ what type u like but I would reccomend…
• Soryu Oh Sequel & kiss spin off (such a sweetie)
• Miyabi’s sequel (he’s main route was awful IMO but sequel kinda makes up for it)
• Ota sequel (you get to see more of his emotions)
• DDIWT Takeshi 3years later (drama, feels, tearjerker) That’s all I can think of ATM

Chiaki sequel epilogue CG
Voltage has finally made full vertical CG available


Tbh I didn’t really like chiaki’s sequel too much. The first half was cute when he was tired from work, BUT in the sequel epilogue- by now I thought he would get over his trust issues- but he still ‘tests’ the MC to see if she will accept him even if he changes or has weird fetishes. I know he couldn’t trust women because of his past (which was brought up in the main story) but after being with the MC I thought by the sequel he would stop these cheeky tests, so I was kinda surprised the sequel Ep was based around him testing her to see if she’ll love him and compromise with him even if he has changes/fetishes. I guess he did that to reassure himself that the MC does love him and will love him no matter what to make sure the feeling is mutual (he says he’ll sill love her if she changes kinda thing). There was some foreshadowing scenes at the end to what may come by in the 2nd season and I think in the 2nd one Chiaki will open up and rely on the MC more, getting over his trust issues with her support & love.

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