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New Game Alert everyone! (THE MC IS PRETTY AND THE GUY IS LOVELY I WANT HIM) Guess it’s really new cos it’s not one I have heard of from the list of new game releases from their Japanese website…November can’t come fast enough XD.

As for those who don’t play the jp versions, feel free to start crying xD *cries*

He looks like a mixture of a prince/angel/knight seems like a fantasy looks good



So, I have $25 in iTunes (not as much as I’d hoped) but I am finally starting sequels/ specials and I don’t know where to start! Help!!!!

voltageaddict I don’t know what you’ve already read/ what type u like but I would reccomend…
• Soryu Oh Sequel & kiss spin off (such a sweetie)
• Miyabi’s sequel (he’s main route was awful IMO but sequel kinda makes up for it)
• Ota sequel (you get to see more of his emotions)
• DDIWT Takeshi 3years later (drama, feels, tearjerker) That’s all I can think of ATM
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