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Some voltage up coming story banners….
I have my eyes on Chiaki’s story and I’m interested in Ota’s personality, I think he might be a bit like Chiaki where he has some kind of back story which influenced his personality and the plot may revolve around that, that’s just my guess but who knows… Also looking forward to Zain’s sequel and Taketo (he looks hotter with his new hair style and uniform hat) *•*

Kyoichi Kunishiro S2 CG
The little boy called J is biracial (American-Japanese) and is Kyoichis friends grandchild. His friend Mr Iga (who Kyoichi looks up to) arrives in Japan from NY with his Grandson and wants Kyoichi and MC to look after J and show him around Japan for him since he’s busy with work. Kyoichi isn’t good with kids at 1st but after spending time with J he bonds with him and his attitude towards kids changes gradually as he has a softer demeanour towards them.
J is a massive fan of Ninjas and is just so cuuuuute …. … Kyoichi looks hot as a ninja *•*

Metro PD impression

I’m halfway through kirusawa’s route, OMG the MC is pretty Badass (she flips a guy over) she’s done Judo, all the guys are surprised in the office wen they hear she flipped a guy lol… I like this MC she’s like a strong independent woman type. The MC falls in love early in his route and he seems completely oblivious to it, even the guys say he’s clueless when it comes to love. One thing I didn’t expect is that Hiroshi is a good cook, he cooks for the guys sometime cuz they’re tired from eating ready made convienant store food everyday so they go to his house smt for some home cooking.. Good Boss who likes to have a laugh and is easygoing; who is also a Good cook is a winner xD…I’m interested in Asano (blue hair and seems a lil ditzi as he’s sleepy in the first encounter and I’m guessing he might be abit like Kaoru or Soryu so can’t wait for him) also looking forward to Eiki too *•*

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